Designing the 100-year Life in a Digital World

designing the 100 year life in a digital world

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 Silver Linings Global and Garage+, a zero-equity incubator, convene an online panel on 26 April to unlock the topic: Designing the 100-year Life in a Digital World. We have invited Dr. Joseph Coughlin, AgeLab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Henk Herman Nap, Digital Care Coordinator, Villans, and Dr. Ted Chang, CTO, Quanta Computer, to share their perspectives about the longevity economy. 

Dr. Ted Chang will also host an in-depth discussion with three experts in the aging market to explore business opportunities: Ms. Hsin-Ling Tsai (Founder & CEO, Silver Linings Global), Mr. Wang Long Li (Founder & CEO, Tinybots), and Dr. Jessy Kang (Founder, Founder & CEO, Smart Ageing Tech).

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