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Our Vision and Mission

Founded in 2014, Silver Linings Global is a social enterprise that aims to accelerate the development of innovative solutions for a longevity society .  Our vision is to help create an environment where everyone enjoys longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Our Story

In 2007, a group of Taiwanese seniors (aka “Grandriders”) rode motorcycles around Taiwan island.  The remarkable achievement led to the production of the documentary, “Go Grandriders” with the slogan, “Dreams Never Get Old”.

In 2013, the movie premiered in the US. In celebration of the premier, 10 of the original Grandriders (with an average age of 87) from the movie travelled from Taiwan to the US and embarked on a 13-day motorcycle journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  We had privilege to participate in this journey and witnessed first hand the Grandriders’ fighting spirit in living their life to the fullest.  We were deeply moved.  Yet, our society have long held stigma towards aging. Phrases with negative connotation such as “grey tsunami” are often used to describe fast growing aging segment in a population.

We felt called to act.  Silver Linings Global (SLG) was founded the following year. We at SLG believe that longevity is a blessing, NOT a curse. Together with our partners, we strive to develop strategies and implement programs to better prepare our society in the era of longevity.

Our Work

We have built a network of global and local partners and organized various online and offline programs (i.e. workshops, forums, overseas learning tours, and etc.) to promote knowledge exchange of best practices and cross sector collaboration. We also provide support to  organizations in developing new talents and services that better meet the needs of older people and their caregivers.  

Case|Aging Innovation Week

Aging Innovation Week (AIW) is an annual event that we launched in 2014. AIW serves as a regional platform to share best practices and facilitate dialogues and exchanges among key stakeholders.  It presents a series of events (i.e. forum, workshops, and site visits, and etc.)  in 4-5 days and each year we introduce different themes as follows 2014: Aging Innovation, the Global Trends and Taiwan’s Needs 2015: Evolutionary Aging: High Tech with High Touch 2016: Design Our Third Act 2017: Fun Long Life 2018: New Era of Aging 2019: My Life My Choice At AIW, we have gathered more than 60 experts from 12 countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan to share their perspectives and experiences with more than 4000 attendees. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020, we transformed our Aging Innovation Week to a series of online forums and workshops that provide our audience with direct access to first hand learnings from thought leaders and practitioners across the globe.

Case|Service Innovation for Aging Gracefully

There is always a severe shortage of care workers in rural areas. Residents with complex care needs in rural areas often have no choice but to move to nursing homes for support. Silver Linings Global was asked by the Chairman of newly founded Plahan Shared Care Labor Co-Operative to train its newly recruited care workers and to develop a service model that presents people with complex care needs with an option to stay at their homes. We have provided practical guidance for care workers and various interactive guides and learning materials to enhance their confidence, knowledge, and skills in caring for people with complex care needs. We leveraged online tools and developed close partnerships with GP and other care professionals to provide timely support for frontline workers. Now, Plahan has more than 50 care workers and successfully enabled more than 100 older adults to return to or continue to age in their homes. What is more encouraging, is that some of the seniors are no longer mere care recipients, but have also become contributors who encourage and support others to stay self-reliant and connected.


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Plahan Yi-Ying Lin

Yi-Ying Lin

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CEO, Hondow Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation

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Timothy Ma

Founding Executive Dir., Senior Citizen Home Safety Assn.

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